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PR 449

The minimalist automatic flag gate




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PR 449

The minimalist automatic flag gate

PR 449 is a motorized flag shutter in which the necessity of raw materials like steel and plasmate cristal of the typical Italian style make it particularly elegant and able to make it sober and at the same time safe for any entrance. It may be used as a a control access system or alone or with the PASS 107 passages as an entrance for disabled. Made with a cylindrical supporting structure with a motor which commands a crystal shutter.

PR 449 Extra Features

  • Custom made flag made in smoky finishing
  • Glass lighting (not available with door in polycarbonate)
  • Command console.


Standard Saima PR 449

  • Accident prevention with engine thrust control
  • Emergency in any direction
  • Flag specially designed in transparent crystal or polycarbonate

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