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Fold up sectional door Spacelite HT40

With the sectional doors Spacelite HT 40 a transparency degree of 78 % is achieved. This ensures the lighting in the work areas, enables a reduction in energy consumption during the day and, also, creates a pleasant working environment.




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With the sectional doors Spacelite HT 40 a transparency degree of 78 % is achieved. This ensures the lighting in the work areas, enables a reduction in energy consumption during the day and, also, creates a pleasant working environment.  The double fiberglass panels provide the doors with an excellent thermal insulation and allow the addition of transparent sheets. While the trim surrounding entirely the door, avoids unnecessary energy losses and the air currents inside the building.

Its special design allows a great stability despite its light weight. The fiberglass is an extremely strong material that absorbs shocks with elasticity, being at the same time resistant to extreme weather and corrosion. They are also totally safe and reliable doors thanks to the safety equipment that is incorporated to them.

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