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ABC Gate

Immigration Gate for airport



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ABC Gate

Immigration Gate for airport

The ABC gate is a one-way motorized gate made in steel and glass. The combination of this raw material, shaped by the typical ITALIAN STYLE, makes this product particularly friendly and performing; for this reason, it can be utilized to secure any kind of entrance. The ABC GATE is composed of n.2 machine bodies per passage. This product works by a swing motion system that grants the opening /closing of the gate by means of an interlocking mode.
The ABC GATE, though to be installed at any airport area especially, optimizes the flow of passengers in transit by obtaining an orderly check of passports too. The ABC GATE is equipped by a card reader able to read e-passports and the biometric data of passengers i.e. the face and the fingerprint ones. It is supplied with signals to allow the passenger correct routing and with visual indicators too in order to clearly show the gate status to users.

ABC Gate Extra Features

  • Vocal digital signals to point users out the right way of transiting.
  • Swing device in polycarbonate.
  • Camera to check the unicity of passage, (transit of only one person at a time).
  • Wooden box packaging.

Standard Saima ABC GateStainless steel structure in AISI 304, stainless steel cover with shockproof and scratchproof protection.

  • Glass lateral panels.
  • Glass swing 10mm thick.
  • Upper covers made in shockproof and scratchproof materials, such as steel and/or plastic parts.
  • Queue-proof control system by infrared sensors.
  • Unicity of passage control system by infrared sensors.
  • Safety photocells.

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